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Blue/Pink 2DBackpack

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This backpack is absolutely gorgeous. A mix between two colors that blend well together to form a 2DBackpack that even the heavens would approve of… or they might *face palm* and wonder what the human race has come to. We have to say this backpack is a little more popular with the ladies with the pink accents. Any boy/man wearing this may just be devoured by a swarm of girls. It’s a dream, but we like to dream and that is why you have 2D Backpacks.




1. Main zippered Compartment to fit the big stuff! Fantastic for laptops, books, and more.

2. Secondary buttoned Compartment with room to also fit laptops, tablets, books, and things you want more secure.

3. Small buttoned Compartment designed for a phone, chargers, planners, pens, and smaller items.

4. X-Small buttoned Compartment designed for lip/chapstick or usb drive.

5. Outer water resistant canvas material

6. Inside textiles include nylon/polyester/plastic

7. Stand out from the crowd and environment. It contrasts with everything!

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