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Green/Yellow 2DBackpack

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A green deeper than hulk green. We’ve tried pushing this 2D Backpack back into the 2D life of paper but so far it hasn’t worked. Maybe if the Hulk came along and did his “Hulk Smash” it may work! Regardless, we know he would approve and choose this backpack for any boy. Of course it’s not limited to just boys but it definitely appeals to them like cosmic gamma radiation (because all boys like a sense of danger).



1.Main zippered Compartment to fit the big stuff! Fantastic for laptops, books, and more.

2. Secondary buttoned Compartment with room to also fit laptops, tablets, books, and things you want more secure.
3. Small buttoned Compartment designed for a phone, chargers, planners, pens, and smaller items.
4. X-Small buttoned Compartment designed for lip/chapstick or usb drive.

5. Outer water resistant canvas material

6. Inside textiles include nylon/polyester/plastic

7. Stand out from the crowd and environment. It contrasts with everything!

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