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Shoulder 2DBag – Double Strap (4 Colors)

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Sometimes we want to grab and go when we’re in a rush. Our imaginations came up with a 2Dbag designed to do just that while also grabbing attention from your neighbors, friends, and grandma. You may forget to bring an essential item to your next meeting but one thing is certain, you didn’t forget your shoulder 2DBag. Heck! its nearly impossible to lose because it contrasts with the environment too the EXTREME! Grab this popular shoulder bag before its too late and you forget. You wouldn’t want that now would you? Be memorable.



1. One main compartment great for a tablet, small notebook, magazine, clothes.

2. Secondary compartment for smaller items such as your phone, makeup, cords and more.

3. Outer water resistant canvas material.

4. Convenience of sling and go.

5. Amaze and WOW people everyday, everywhere, every.. you get the point.

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